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Welcome to the website of Vulvodynia Support NZ. This site is intended as a resource for women with vulvodynia and their partners.

If you have vulvodynia, or think that you might, this site is for you. If your partner has vulvodynia, this site is for you.

Vulvodynia isn’t well-known, even in medical circles. Even within gynaecology, it’s hard to get a mention. Women with vulvodynia deserve support and respect. We deserve effective, accessible treatment. Most of all we deserve not to be left thinking that we’re the only one.

We invite practitioners working with women with vulvodynia to be a part of Vulvodynia Support NZ. Please let the women you work with know about the website. Perhaps there is recent clinical or treatment information which could be provided on the website. Please email to make contact.

Please be aware that this site is not intended as a source of medical advice or diagnosis. For general information about medical treatment refer to the Treatments page. For clinic contact details refer to the Doctors page.

The contributors to this site take no responsibility for any loss caused by reliance on any statements made.

Updated July 2010